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Why isn't the USB on my E-Series Relay working?

If PowerPort-E, the Field Device Installer or other application fails to connect to the relay via USB, please check the following issues:

  • PowerPort-E: Have you installed release 3.60 or higher?
  • Is the USB port of the PC still occupied by another application (program/application)? Close those applications.
  • Is the protective device within the correct state? For a PowerPort-E connection the protective device has to be started up. For a connection with the Field Device Installer the protective device has to be within a different state. Refer to the Field Device Installers user manual.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the protective device and plug it in again. After 10 seconds try again to connect PowerPort-E (or Field Device Installer) to the relay.
  • Restart your PC.