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Why aren't the relay outputs on my E-Series Relay working (not operational)?

If the contacts of the relay outputs do not open or close, (this can be checked by simulating a fault and checking the relay output contacts with measurement equipment), then please check the following issues:
  • Acknowledge the relay outputs, if applicable.
  • Is the status of the relay output forced to a dedicated value? (The relay output can be overwritten for commissioning purposes, refer to <Service/ Test>.)
  • Is the correct parameter set active (1..4)?
  • Is the required protection function active?
  • Is overall protection active?
  • Are the field parameters set correctly (CT ratio etc.)?
  • Are the protection parameters set correctly (trip value, trip time)?
  • Is the assigned protection function blocked?
  • Is the protection function´s trip signal routed to the Trip-Manager of the correct switchgear?
  • Is the trip signal of the switchgear routed to the correct relay output?
  • Is the wiring correct?