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Why is the Operational LED on my E-Series Relay flashing red and green?

If the Operational LED is flashing red and green, but the device is working (protection functions are working), the self-supervision module has detected a problem with the relay.  The issue will be recorded within an integrated fault memory.

Check the cause of the last reboot under <Operation/Status display/ Sys/ Reboot>:

If Reboot=11: Your device suffered a short-term sag or outage of the supply voltage. Please check your power supply. You can acknowledge the error and reset the Operational LED by selecting <Operation/ Acknowledge/ SSV.Ack System LED>.
Otherwise get in contact with our service-team.
Provide us the information about unscheduled device reboots (<Operation/ Self Supervision/System Error/ Resets by Device>). You will be supplied with a tool for error analysis.  What is the technical support number for Meters and Relays?