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How does the Power Xpert 468K Series differ from the IQ Analyzer?

The Power Xpert Meter 4000/6000/8000 (PXM) does not physically replace the IQ Analyzer products.

The Power Xpert Meter products are based on the latest architecture and hardware platforms that support extremely fast sampling rates up to 6Mhz, 100,000 samples per cycle with built-in Web and FTP servers. Waveform viewing is available through the 6" Color Touch Screen Display as well as from the Web user interface. The PXM 468K products are scalable and cost efficient due to their modular design. This allows CTO configuring for up to 8GB of storage space, additional relay, digital and solid state IO, as well fiberoptic or 10/100 Ethernet capabilities with Modbus bridging to TCP and emailing.

The IQ Analyzer offers features such as analog input and INCOM protocol support along with 90KB of storage, basic trending and metering information in a monolithic architecture at a lower price point.