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PXM 2000 Series

Can I connect the PXM 2000 to a third party system?

What do the LM1 & LM2 LEDs indicate on the faceplate of the PXM 2000, IQ 250/260 or IQ 250S?

Will the PXM 2000 meters support communicating Modbus TCP & BACnet simultaneously?

How is the PXM 2000 meter different from the IQ 250/260?

Can I use the Modbus RTU simultaneously with the Ethernet interface of the PXM 2000?

How do I configure the PXM 2000 meter?

Can I bring pulses from a gas meter into the PXM 2000?

Can the PXM 2000 be connected to the Power Xpert® Gateway or Software?

Where is the Power Xpert Meter 2000 BACnet object list?

Which PXM 2000 models support waveform capture?

Can an IQ 250/260 meter be upgraded to a PXM 2000?

What are the maximum numbers of I/O points that can be added to a PXM 2000 meter?

Does it matter which slot is used for the PXM 2000 card when upgrading an IQ 250/260 to a PXM 2000 meter?

What is meant by Pass-Through connection with the CTs on the PXM 2000?

Will the PXM 2000 fit into the existing IQ 250/260 or IQ210/220/230 cutouts?

Can the PXM 2000 meter display be separated from the transducer?

Do the I/O cards for the PXM 2000 need to be configured?

Will a power supply be required for the 4-20 mA output card of the PXM 2000?

Is the PXM 2000 Measurement Canada approved?

Is the neutral current on the screen of the PXM 2000 measured or calculated?

Can the PXM 2000 option cards be installed with the meter powered on?