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PX Multi Point Meter (PXMP)

What is the purpose of the PXMP-CSXXX blue LED sensor?

How many days of data are stored on the PXMP meter base? On the Energy Portal Module?

Can I use xxx/5A rated current transformers (CTs) with the PXMP?

Can the PXMP firmware be upgraded in the field?

How do I configure the PXMP?

Can WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam) pulses be input into the PXMP base unit?

Can the PXMP modules be removed without powering down the PXMP?

Will the PXMP meter support communicating Modbus TCP & BACnet simultaneously?

Can I connect the PXMP to a third party system?

How many different models of the PXMP are there?

What is the maximum distance I can have between a PXMP display and the meter base?

Can I use the Modbus RTU simultaneously with the Energy Portal Module of the PXMP?

Is the PXMP Measurement Canada approved?

Can the PXMP be installed in a separate enclosure?

What is the power supply requirement for the PXMP?

Does the PXMP have the ability to allocate energy costs?

What functions does the Energy Portal Module (PXMP-EPM) provide?

What protocol communications are available on the PXMP?

When would I use a PM3 vs. a PXMP?

Does it matter which slot is used for the Energy Portal Module?

Is the Power Xpert Multi Point meter Eaton’s offering for multi-tenant metering?

Does PXMP have a local display so the user can view their energy values locally?

What is the accuracy of the PXMP system?

What is the maximum distance for a PXMP sensor?

What types of current sensors metering modules does the PXMP base unit accept?

What are the minimum hardware components of a “Standard” PXMP?