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How many different models of the PXMP are there?

The PXMP is highly configurable.  There are two meter base models available:

  • PXMP-MB for 3Ph/1Ph, 3 phase/4 wire applications (480Y/277 and 208Y/120)
  • PXMP-MB-AB for 1Ph/3 wire applications (120/240).

Note – PXMP-MB base units use PXMP-MMxxx meter modules and the PXMP-MB-AB use PXMP-MMxxx-AB meter modules.

The PXMP meter base has 10 slots that can hold any configuration of the following meter modules:

  • PXMP-MM100MA - 100 mA meter module
  • PXMP-MM10MA - 10 mA meter module
  • PXMP-MM333MV - 333 mV meter module
  • PXMP-PIM - Pulse input module
  • PXMP-DOM - Digital output module
  • PXMP-EPM - Energy portal module (can only be in installed in slot 10)

For more information about the meter modules, visit the PXMP website.