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How do I file a warranty claim?

For warranty replacement, repair or credit, there are three easy steps:

  1. First, contact Eaton’s Customer Integrity Team (Click here for contact info).  They will issue an SR Number for your warranty claim.
    Effective December 1, 2010 all warranty claims for this product requires a Service Request Number (SRN) placed in the “Nonconformance” field of the warranty claim submitted through Vista or Vista on the Web (VOTW).  This indicates to the returns group the CIT has determined the product in question is not operating as designed, cannot be resolved in the field and therefore should be returned for warranty repair, replacement or credit.
  2. Then, contact Eaton ES CORE (  You will need your SR Number and the GO Number from your order.
  3. You will receive an email with instructions on where to ship your product.